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Reconnect with Your Authentic Self through the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science of Crystals.

Have you ever felt a mystical, supernatural pull from crystals or gemstones? Have you ever felt a desire to be healed in a way that man-made methods cannot provide? Are you fascinated by the great power of crystals but baffled by how to enter their world? Let Badsjamaan, an experienced crystal healer, take you on an exciting journey into the mineral kingdom.

Throughout history, crystals and gemstones have been known to have a powerful effect on people. ‘Awaken Crystal consciousness’ is for everyone who wants to know more about how to use them.

In this highly informative workshop, Badsjamaan answers some of the biggest questions about crystals, as well as staying on the planet as an embodied Master with crystal energy serving you in grace. His definition brings clarity to the relationship between humans and crystals, as well as a feeling of familiarity as you remember the inherent presence of your Crystal consciousness.

If you’ve ever wondered about the nature of crystals – what they are, where they come from, and how to allow crystal energy into every moment of your life – this workshop will bring you to a new level of awareness, along with many profound “ah-ha” moments.  


An active workshop experience to ignite your passion and love for crystals!

Our Crystal consciousness Workshop is an introduction to using crystals as every day, energetic support, and tools for improving various aspects of our lives.

Crystals have been used throughout the ages, and in modern times, we are learning to use their energy not only for computers, cell phones, and other technologies but as a spiritual tool for personal growth. These beautiful gemstones provide vibrational support from Mother Earth that is here to assist us in our mind, body, and spirit.

As we seek alternative methods of healing and finding calm in our lives, holistic healing methods can help us tap into the energies of crystals. We can use them as a meditation tool, for peace and calm, for energizing our water, and most importantly, for our own emotional and spiritual expansion.

Learn how to destress, recharge, and heighten your intuition by harnessing the power of crystals as the basics of ancient, elemental self-care.

Rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, and many other eye-catching crystals have captivated people for centuries for healing, protection, or divination. Crystal healer Arne D’Haeyer sees these glittering stones as cosmic technology for navigating today’s hectic world, whether it’s boosting your confidence, conquering anxiety, or finding your center.

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In ‘Awaken Crystal consciousness’ he brings his insight and experience to help you harness the earth’s energy to manifest harmony, health, and connection with yourself on a deeper level.

This Workshop provides everything you need to know to tap into the truly transformative power of crystals. Badsjamaan presents practices for deepening one’s awareness of the stones’ gifts from expanding one’s consciousness to healing, to fulfilling one’s personal and collective destiny. He offers practical tools for understanding and using these extraordinary stones to improve our lives. You'll find ways to personally incorporate crystals into each day to create a life of contemplation, intention, value, and meaning.

He shares a compelling look at crystals from the perspective of neuroscience, history, quantum physics, theories of consciousness, and crystal healing.

You’ll learn about:

You'll learn how to:

This workshop is designed, on the one hand, to guide you through the learning you need to make the necessary inner changes and, on the other hand, to transform what you have learned into personal, inner experiences through practical exercises with the real properties of the crystals.

Let’s dig in together to bring new awareness to your life.


You don't need to bring anything for our event, but we would suggest the following:

  • An open mind & desire to learn about the Earth's abundant gifts
  • Willingness to learn new energy concepts & ideas

Badsjamaan offers you a straight path to full realization of yourself. If you are tired of playing games with your life, this is the knowledge you must have. He has designed this to help you avoid many of the pitfalls on the road to self-realization - and he could only do that because he has fallen into many of them himself!

His mindful meditations and crystalized self-care rituals will help you follow your intuition, respect your body, and center your priorities. Whether you’re a modern mystic, a (new) collector, or just crystal curious, this down-to-earth workshop will help you unlock the powers of these mystical stones to quiet your mind, enliven your heart and transform your life.

L’atelier « Eveiller votre conscience cristalline » va au-delà des principes de base pour vous expliquer comment améliorer votre vie au quotidien grâce aux cristaux. Utilisés de manière stratégique, les cristaux peuvent également vous aider à cultiver une vie plus consciente, plus contemplative et plus épanouissante sur le plan spirituel. Le but de cet atelier est de partager une partie de la connaissance des cristaux sacrés avec d’autres, afin que la beauté et l’illumination inhérentes aux cristaux puissent être davantage diffusées et utilisées par ceux qui sont intuitivement attirés par eux.

Crystals can be so much more than a pretty placebo - they can change your life and heal our world. ‘Awaken Crystal consciousness’ is required joining for any lover of crystals - and anyone who believes in the transformation from the inside out.

Badsjamaans hope is that this knowledge will be used for personal and planetary enhancement and that the light of the crystals will bring each person closer to their inner Source of light.

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In this workshop, Badsjamaan offers an entirely new and comprehensive approach to working with crystals. Instead of focusing on a few individual crystals and their properties, he shows you how to select, cleanse, charge, and work with crystals of all kinds, and how to connect with their powerful healing energies. And, just as significantly, he shares a series of simple exercises to help you develop your own deep intuition when it comes to working with the stones.

Jaigopal Catherine Guillot

Jai Gopal


Passionate about everyone's ability to heal and transform, she continues to share what she has received and trains hundreds of yogis each year in the teaching of Kundalini Yoga, as well as in spiritual healing.


Awaken Crystal consciousness

July 2, 2022 from 10am to 5pm
Lunchtime snack included
In person: 144 €.
Online : 111€.
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Awaken Crystal consciousness

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