Healer, Mentor and Kundalini Trainer


Universal Rays of Healing

What are they ?

How do they work?

How can you call on them to support you on a daily basis and come to the aid of people in search of appeasement?

One of the most powerful transforming and healing tools of the Aquarian Age is the Twelve Universal Rays of Healing. 

Whatever your profession, whether you are already a therapist, a kundalini yoga teacher, or simply intrigued by the power of these rays, you were not magnetized to this page by chance. 

Are you ready to enter with a new dimension of your being? To transmit healing and put your compassion at the service of humanity?

Who Should Attend ?


Taught by Jai Gopal (Catherine Guillot) this diploma course spread over three levels opens up a new way for you to understand your soul mission. 


Through a series of activations and sophisticated learning, this course puts participants in direct contact with the "Ascended Masters", guardians of the universal rays. Constitutive of the light from the Source, each of the rays diffuses a singular vibratory frequency which helps to release the unaligned and retained energy.


During the training, you will learn to identify them, to recognize their respective qualities and to channel them in order to anchor them on earth. This diploma training will then allow you to receive your own clients within the framework of therapeutic care respecting the taught protocol. 


However, it is not just reserved for future therapists. On the contrary, it is open to all who feel the call without yet fully understanding why. By learning to channel, it is all of existence that changes. The heart opens to send and receive, and what seemed obstructed is released. Life becomes a permanent game guided by the joy of being.


Training in the universal healing rays changes existence in depth. They offer a new reading of the incarnation and provide constant support on a daily basis, whatever your professional activity. They make it possible to become aware of the unlimited potential of each one. You will never feel alone again!

HOW DOES the training take place?

The protocol channeled in 2012 by In’easa mabu Ishtar, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, is taught on the Martinet estate by Jai Gopal on three modules of different levels.

From the first level of training, Jai Gopal will show you how to apply the healing care protocol. You will work in pairs to learn to transmit and feel the exponential benefits of a treatment. Each theoretical and interactive presentation is followed by a practical application in situ, which makes it possible to leave no question unanswered. At the end of the day, you will receive an activation through listening to a powerful meditation that will allow you to find your way back to the universal rays of healing, which are the building blocks of all that is.


Following the training, you will have all the necessary tools to practice giving care and completing a questionnaire provided which should then be returned to Jai Gopal. Once the twelve treatments have been completed and the questionnaires validated, you will receive a diploma corresponding to the first level of training. Level 2 and level 3 are taught over shorter weekends but they require the same commitment on the part of the students: only putting the tools into practice and returning the questionnaires related to care can obtain a qualifying certificate

accommodation and meals

The training of universal rays of healing level 1, level 2 and level 3 takes place on the Martinet estate, at the Amrit Nam Sarovar school where you will be accommodated in the buildings of the lodge, in single-sex dormitories, in double rooms or in single rooms depending on availability and your wish at the time of registration. All meals, organic and vegetarian, are served in the school restaurant. People living in the Vercors region can go home to dine and sleep at home if they wish.