3 Days of Self Empowerment

COMPLET - Du 8 au 10 Juillet 2022

This 3-day journey of Self Empowerment to activate and balance your energy.

We frame you in a deep experience so that you can explore your inner world in a sacred space where you respect yourself and others. In this space, we call upon the balance between relaxation and activation, between femininity and masculinity, between Yin and Yang.

This retreat allows you to get to know yourself in a personal and safe way, where you can explore how you feel by releasing blocked emotions and the freedom that comes with it.

How it feels to unify what is separate within you.
How it feels to choose love over fear, courage over shame.
How does it feel to surrender and let go of resistance?
What it feels like to express and breathe bliss.

The main intention of this journey is to create more clarity, well-being and perspective where you are in your life right now and how to empower your whole being to continue your life path. Here you will receive several key elements to achieve your true purpose.

We move through different practices to support you in this experience, such as voice and body activations, chanting, yoga, chakra meditation, holotropic breathing, sound healing, cocoa ceremony and ecstatic dance.

In this way we travel through the mysteries of our mind, body and soul and bring them together in our heart, connecting to the energy of the divine Source. From this place we can manifest our dreams, desires and wishes and make them come true.

Time is here and now and when we truly believe in the magic we hold within us, it becomes our experience.

yoga Jai gopal

Zandock Pelri

Program :

Arrival between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Departure 10 July at 5pm (possibility to stay on the 10th in the evening)

Open to everyone.

Our team:

marie - Jai Gopal



She has explored different modalities and traditions around the world. This journey has led her to a deep connection with breath, yoga, meditation, dance, song and plant medicine. Trained and certified as a breathwork facilitator, she now offers breathwork ceremonies, in which the different elements of the modalities and teachings that resonated deeply in her heart are woven together. She is passionate about sharing these breath journeys, so that from greater harmony in the Small comes greater harmony in the Whole.

Marie enjoys uniting with others in the expression of song and music, gathering in circles to sing from the heart. She believes, through embodied experience, in the healing power of sound vibrations and her own voice.

Mama Cacao is a medicinal plant and a spirit that she has fallen deeply in love with. She takes great joy in sharing this beautiful heart medicine with others, gathered in a space of sacred ritual and true connection.

Marie has a deep trust in the transformative power of love in and around us. In each of us, she sees the seed of potential that, with conscious care, has the capacity to blossom fully. She looks forward to embarking with you on this journey of self-empowerment.
louis - Jai Gopal



For three months, it occupied the space of the mandala garden and supported the cocoa ceremonies in a variety of ways, from decorating the temple to live music and ecstatic dances.

The following year he returned to Inanitah and made his first major co-creation called *Aquanitah*. A conscious gathering around the elements water - fire - air - earth, music and dance, authentic cocoa ceremonies. Then he organised a 4 day journey into the heart of being, where he co-created a transformational journey where holotropic breathing, sound healing and cocoa were the fundamental elements.

In 2020, he travelled to India to gain deeper self-awareness and lived for 5 months on the banks of the sacred river Ganga, in deep meditation, yoga and self search.

Upon his return to Belgium, he began co-creating smaller, more intimate cocoa ceremonies and sound journeys. He completed two levels of sound healing practitioner training at the Akasha Retreat Center, guided by Surya.

In 2021 he travelled to Costa Rica and Mexico where he co-created several community gatherings where he combined the magic of cocoa with sound healing, ecstatic dance and live music.

Since August 2021, he is back in Belgium where he organises conscious meetings in a wonderful place called Paradiso, where he gathers all his experience in the Magick Gathering. There he gathers all his experience in the Magick Gathering. Sound healing, cocoa ceremony, singing circles, dancing, delicious food, fire art, sauna, wellness,... all in one day.

With love and passion, in grace and harmony, he follows his path and shares the path of beauty with anyone who is open to walking together on this incredible journey called LIFE.
Jaigopal Catherine Guillot

Jai Gopal


Passionate about everyone's ability to heal and transform, she continues to share what she has received and trains hundreds of yogis each year in the teaching of Kundalini Yoga, as well as in spiritual healing.

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Une très bonne nourriture végétarienne et Bio.


Self Empowerment

From 8 to 10 July 2022

3 Jours de découverte de soi retraites Jai Gopal

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Journey into Self Empowerment

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