Self Image Development

Honour the being you are

From 27 May to 2 June 2023



A 7-day retreat to develop your image and honour who you are.


We offer you a supportive space to give birth to your dreams and soul desires in order to impact the world with your qualities and gifts. At the end of this retreat, you will leave with a set of photos for your web and social media posts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your soul mission.

Jai Gopal
Benny tache

This workshop is an opportunity to become visible, in a unique and tangible way. To manifest a new version of yourself, a new potential and make it visible. To explore your uniqueness and at the same time the consciousness of unity.

This retreat offers a safe framework to allow oneself to be seen from other angles, to allow one to love oneself more deeply by discovering one's own paradigm so as not to validate the beliefs of others. By abandoning comparisons and social codes.

Grâce à la cohésion de groupe, les pratiques, les enseignements, l’expertise de Jai et Benny, nous libérerons les croyances en lien avec l’image telles que : Comment tu te perçois ? Comment penses-tu être perçu ? Comment voudrais-tu l’être ? As-tu peur de ton image ?

Photographie Femme

Program :

Kundalini Yoga, Yin, guided meditations, processes to clarify, deepen your soul mission. Outings in the open air. Investigative practices.

In conversation with Benny, he will share his approach, his perspectives, his passion for aesthetics, harmony, revealing himself...

Interview with Jai and Benny to define your image intention (direction, clothes, make-up, accessories.... and photo shoots.

Benny has this quality of knowing how to put people at ease so that they give the best version of themselves and let the soul vibrate through his photos.

These invite us to be in harmony with what surrounds us, filled with beauty, aestheticism, depth or lightness.


Jai Gopal Catherine Guillot

Jai Gopal

Teaching, guidance on self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Teacher of Yoga.

"The preparation invites you to open up to new perspectives of yourself. The photoshoot is a real exercise in meditation and presence. Looking at the photos allows one to align with one's true self, to be inspired and leads directly to the quality of being and unconditional love."

Benni tache

Benny Tache

Photographer and Creative Director


Zangdok Pelri



From Saturday 27 May
to Thursday 2 June 2023

1189 Registration before 30 March
  • The photos from your shoot
  • Practices, teachings
  • Activities (Yoga, meditations etc.)
  • Surprises