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In order to live your great adventure, expand the potentials and possibilities of your embodiment.

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This Channel Opening Course is a 12-month continuing education course channelled by Ishtar from a council of 33 Ascended Masters.

This course is designed for people who wish to open, deepen and align, to be guided by their true or higher self. It helps us to remember our essence and manifest our highest potential in all aspects of our lives.

In truth, we are all channels, however the question to ask is, what are we channeling, the will of the ego or the will of our higher self?

This course focuses on consciously, intentionally channeling higher planes of consciousness. We develop our ability to open to new perspectives, and let go of limiting perspectives, connecting to our true creative power.

It allows knowledge, acceptance and love of self and others.

It allows also to remember that we have the choice in each moment to vibrate the frequencies of our essence being, peace, love, joy.

It allows you to vibrate these frequencies and embody your true creative power in all aspects of your life.

This training allows you to

  • To recognise when you are out of alignment and become increasingly aware when unconscious patterns are driving your life.

  • To choose your soul's mission and to let go of attachments, limitations, judgements, fears, conscious and unconscious.

  • To trust your own guidance, to follow your inspiration, to have more clarity by eliminating doubts, confusions. To be more aware of the mixed frequencies held in our energy fields.

  • To live and expand your greatest possible potential in the moment and to accept and acknowledge when it is not.

  • To reconnect to your power of being, the being free of your choices, in full responsibility of creating your life. Réaliser le créateur de votre création.

What you will receive:



Open to your Higher Self and its frequency.
2'350 One-time payment: €2,250
  • Weekly meeting on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9.30pm
  • A channel opening manual
  • 3 healing sessions
  • Audios of the teachings and activations
  • Personalized message from the Masters
  • Postage

Open To Channel (June 2022 - June 2023)

2,250.00 2,350.00 

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If you choose payment :

- Monthly, you will receive an automatic email each month asking you to pay €200 for 10 months.

 - In one go, you will need to send €1,900 by bank transfer once the course has started.