Yoga retreat - Will power

From 28 March to 31 March 2024



This retreat is designed around several essential intentions:

Cultivating Inner Strength and Bodily Harmony

To regenerate, develop, cultivate and awaken the life force within us. To be more vibrant, more fulfilled, in our centre, in our power to be. Sharing the joy of being together, practising together in magnificent surroundings facing Mont Blanc.

Increase flexibility and muscular strength and strengthen joints.

Promote good posture by correcting body alignment and improving coordination and balance.

Stimulate the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Develop discipline and concentration.

To help eliminate stress and stress-related disorders through individual care and sustained concentration.

Program :

kundalini yoga


Jai Gopal Catherine Guillot

Jai Gopal

Kundalini Yoga teacher

har inder

Har Inder

Cooking has always been part of my life. First, traditional, inspired by my grandmothers. Then, vegetarian, inspired by my discovery of Kundalini yoga. In recent years, I've turned to Ayurveda, inspired by regular visits to India. Today, I'm inspired by vegan cuisine, light and powerful, based on seasonal, local and organic produce, prepared with love and joy.

To bring


From Thursday 28 March
until Sunday 31 March 2024

580 Dormitory (2 single beds)
  • Shared room +€50 (€630)
3 days

Yoga Empowerment du 28 au 31 mars

580.00 630.00 

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